Title Artist    
1. Part V Prequell  
2. Part XIV ft Rae Morris Prequell  
3. Ghosts & Roses (Featuring Noemi) Stephane Pompougnac  
4. Nothing to Worry About Buscemi  
5. Good Bye Emily Parov Stelar  
6. Part XI ft Fyfe Prequell  
7. Sugar Parov Stelar   iTunes Storeで検索
8. Part VII ft Cruel Youth Prequell  
9. Part I Prequell  
10. The Ballad of Sacco and Vanzetti Stephane Pompougnac  
11. Part III Prequell  
12. Part XII ft Claire Laffut Prequell  
13. Morenito (Original Version) feat. Clementine Stephane Pompougnac  
14. Nao Falo Portugues Buscemi